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 Of course, when you decide to move on from the way things have been done for quite some time, it is always with a certain amount of trepidation. We had thought long and hard about the move to St. Audries Bay and we feel that everything we had hoped for, has worked. We loved the ballroom and its acoustics with the well stocked bar, and the room to eat and relax, and the welcoming and efficient family run St. Audries Holiday Camp, all combining to make a really good atmosphere. Then there was the weather, we were so lucky to have our English summer that weekend. It made the palm trees seem right and sitting on the verandah watching the setting sun over the Severn estuary, with the lights of Cardiff twinkling across the water .......... idyllic, not to mention the calm and peace of the site itself.

We have had a lot of really good feedback, here are a few extracts

Ciaran wrote

It was a wonderful weekend and I am so glad to have met so many nice WCCP folk. I enjoyed it immensely and I came away with many references and tunes to look up and new ideas and great memories, especially of the ceilidh and the concert. It was just a splendid weekend.

Sandra emailed

I had a lovely time, and was very pleased with the group I worked with. Thank you so much for looking after me so kindly, and efficiently.

From: Adrian Waters

This is a brief note to say how much Oli and I enjoyed the St Audries Bay weekend. I know that you put a huge amount of effort into making it such a success. Many thanks again for a great weekend. Adrian and Oli

From: Bill Martin

I just wanted to thank you for Ciaran because he was a brilliant tutor, excellent company and a stunningly good musician. The time shot by and I have come away from the weekend inspired and better equipped. It was all very enjoyable. I thought the facilities were fine and the staff at St Audries were friendly and helpful. Many thanks for a great weekend

From: Alan Streeting

Just a quick note to say well done to you both, and Colin and Rosalie. I know there was a lot riding on it, but judging from the wonderful atmosphere, especially at the final concert, everything's set for the 30th event next year. The Showcase was brilliant proof that all four workshops had been superbly led by committed and enthusiastic Tutors. As always at WCCP weekends, the atmosphere was all about sharing and encouragement, so everyone felt there was something for them. Thank you.

Many thanks to all participants for all your feedback. We will be working together with the staff at St. Audries to address the suggested improvements and desirable changes to make next years WCCP March weekend even better.

We were particularly fortunate in that our Tutors were exceptionally good and thanks again to Sandra, John, Ciaran and Paul. Having set a high standard, we are continuing the good work with Alistair Anderson, John Kirpatrick and Iris Bishop for our 30th Anniversary in March 2013. Booking starts in November.

You can see some photos from the St Audries Bay Weekend in the WCCP Galleries.

John and Mal Derricott. Colin and Rosalie Dipper