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To further the interest in playing Concertina, the WCCP has set up a support fund which is available to groups of Concertina players to support Concertina related projects. This offer is open to all Concertina groups and is not exclusive to WCCP members.

Such projects might include:

• engaging professional tuition for the group to improve their playing
• to buy music for their group
• to assist in the purchase of an instrument for the group
• to assist in the hire of a venue for practice for the group
• to sponsor a public event to publicise or recruit for their group

The Concertina Support Fund is being administered by Andrew Stevens on behalf of the WCCP committee. Any group wishing to apply for funding should complete the application form available on this website and email it to Andrew at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

Andrew will make contact with the applicant to discuss the application and clarify details. He will then recommend the application on behalf of the applicant to the WCCP for funding approval. All applications will be looked upon favourably, subject to available funds. A report on the outcome of the project will be expected at an agreed time

Click here for a Concertina Support Fund Application form.