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The WCCP AGM took place on the 6th September 2015 at Ruishton Village Hall, Nr. Taunton, Somerset.

Six members of the committee and thirteen other members were present (quorum is 13 members present!).

The Chairman, Alan Dyer, reported on the achievements of the year (successful workshops and drop in at Sidmouth, the Kilve weekends and outreach events at Gillingham and Beaminster). He also drew attention to the steady decline in attendance at our playing days at Ruishton and thinks this will be a priority for the new committee.

The Treasurer, Colin Campbell, provided a report on the year up to 31 March 2015 and  this report was accepted by the members. The financial results were well within the parameters set by the Committee for the year and showed a deliberate decision to spend monies on the further promotion of the Concertina. He advised that the club is in a strong financial position. The Treasurer thanked Bob Harvey for auditing the accounts so promptly.

The Membership Secretary, Arthur Brine, is temporarily unable to carry out his duties. In his absence Colin Campbell will take over the membership records. There were 146 paid up members. - NOW RETURNED TO DUTIES.

Colin Campbell who has filled the posts of Treasurer and Secretary retired from the committee. He was thanked for his good work for the club over a number of years.

Mike Selley offered to act as Secretary, stressing that he would seek help with specific duties during the year. There were no offers to act as Treasurer and the position was left open. This situation is clearly far from ideal.         

The New Committee are

Alan Dyer (Chair)

Mike Selley (Secretary)

Sally George (Vice Chair)

Rosemary Kavanagh ( Treasurer)

Arthur Brine (Membership)

Penny Mackreth      

Andrew Stevens       

Kate Stokes      

Claire Wren  

Sue Walsh     

Esther Venn  

Hon. Auditor. It will be necessary to make an appointment before the end of the next financial year.

DATE of next AGM. – Sunday 4th September 2016