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2018 has seen a year of change: this by design not by chance. It was felt by the committee that it needed to upgrade the image of the club and so set about to see where such changes could be made. Basically, the club needed a fresh image.

The first change was the logo: it having served the club well over thirty years we felt the smiley boy should be replaced. And, after much deliberating and experimenting, the new logo was adopted.

We looked to see how we could improve our status; how we operate and are seen in the world. Leaflets and brochures used for advertising at events such as Sidmouth, Weymouth, Bridport and Gillingham now present a more professional image both by colour and print layout and using good quality paper. Our merchandise of bags, notebooks, pens etc bearing the WCCP logo continue to sell well. One area requiring urgent attention was the website and Rosemary took on the task of re-vamping it. This was not just a quick fix and we thank her for all the time she spent on this project.

Other ways in which the club has improved its image is by the purchase of a badge making machine - to allow standardisation of badges, a flip chart and a sound reinforcement system.

Undoubtedly the greatest change however is the change of venue for the March and October residential weekends. During 2017 some committee members investigated Quantock Lodge which is just a few miles east of Kilve. The outcome was that Rosemary formed a team and took on the onerous task of planning and implementing a weekend for up to eighty players. The weekend was a tremendous success and we thank Rosemary and her team for making it so. Feedback was very positive and on the strength of that a provisional booking has been made for 2019.

Some committee members also visited Halsway Manor – a few miles west of Kilve - to explore the possibility of a March weekend. This looked very promising and a team has been formed and Halsway Manor booked for March 2019 and 2020.

While other events have not seen drastic changes, they continue to evolve. Ruishton continues to thrive with ever increasing numbers attending. We thank Kate and her team for producing a varied and enjoyable programme.

Sidmouth, Weymouth and Bridport events continue to fulfil the Objects of the WCCP and the committee thank the respective members who organise these events.

Finally, my thanks to the committee for their time, dedication and enthusiasm, which continues to take the WCCP from strength to strength.

Arthur Brine