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Forty people attended this year. And during the day Di signed up our 200th member.

The hall was truly "buzzing" and again we had a wonderful spread for the shared lunch.

It's great that, although we just leave it to everyone to bring "anything", there is always a good variety and balance between savoury, sweet, healthy food and treats to enjoy.

Always too much of course!

Alan Dyer moved away last year but he was in Somerset so he came to the party and kindly agreed to lead the Purple Folder session.

There were three lovely "winter" themed tunes learned in groups for the Showcase and five individual/duo/trio party pieces.

Andrew Stevens gave a "MuseScore" presentation in the afternoon whilst those not needing to attend played tunes with Pete Hill and Arthur Brine.

The "Raucous Chorus" of "Here We Come a Wassailing" and "Auld Lang Syne" included flutes, clarinets, ukuleles, whistles, recorders and even a washboard!

We would like to thank everyone who came along and helped out.

There were people in the kitchen. People setting up tables, chairs and food. People willing to lead groups and help beginners. People to look after instruments and equipment. People to manage the merchandise. And people to help clear up at the end of the day.

I wonder how many clubs can boast that they have such willing members who can work so well together?

Here's to another great year for the West Country Concertina Players!

Kate Stokes (Ruishton Team Leader)