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We have recently returned from the Quantock Lodge weekend for beginners and improvers. There were nearly 70 attendees (including tutors), who played Duet, Anglo or English concertinas (or sometimes more than one) – every squeezer is welcome, regardless of system or standard! 

The beginner groups received a lot of help to learn the basics of the instrument as well as receiving more inspiration for further aspects to develop. Beginners in all groups also learned some of the same tunes, to enable beginner players of any system to be able to play together. Hopefully beginners left the weekend with more confidence and motivation to improve playing this fascinating, squeezy instrument!

Highlights from the weekend included having the opportunity to learn some music by ear and a new folk band stream for intermediate players, with some dancing to go with it! Dave Elliott (with family) attended to maintain or fix any concertina problems and Barleycorn Concertinas brought an impressive range of concertinas for those tempted to buy one (or another one!). The tutors also played some excellent solo performances on the Saturday night; supplemented by the band groups playing tunes, plus the whole group could join in with some folk tunes. After 10.30pm anyone could play anything!

Click here to listen to Paul Hardy's sound recordings from the showcase sessions.


If you are new to the concertina, then please consider coming to Quantock Lodge in October 2022 or joining WCCP!