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 A weekend for competent players focussed on teaching the skills and techniques of the different concertina systems (Anglo, Duet & English) as well as Concertina Band. 


Anglo Workshop - John Kirkpatrick

Anglo worksop

“John K was excellent.” 

“The things John K did around making a good performance (rather than just playing) was good”   


Duet Workshop - Iris Bishop

Duet workshop

“It was a complete delight to be learning with Iris. There were 6 of us with different duet systems and very different levels of capability. Iris seemed completely unphased by this and somehow we were all challenged and learning at different levels”.

“Iris gave so much inspiration about how and what to practise. But the big message was play for the musicality of it and enjoy it. Listening to Iris play Solace by Scot Joplin in the Tutors’ Concert was unforgettable – this is what she meant by musicality.”


English Workshop - Dave Ball

English 3

“I enjoyed the weekend very much. The English workshops were a good mixture of interesting and challenging tunes. There was a real sense of achievement once mastered.” 

“The sessions were friendly and fun and the showcase at the end of the weekend was brilliant”.


Concertina Band - Clare Wren

Band workshop

“Claire's workshops covered all genres of music from march through to jazz and her teaching was, as always, inspirational and fun.”

“We had a great time voicing the syncopation - "if you can't say it, you can't play it!". “It is always great to hear everything coming together as a band should over the course of a couple of days.”

“The band workshop presented a few pieces of music which were challenging – some more so than others. But it all added to my experience.” 

“A highlight of the weekend, apart from our own playing, is the workshop showcase, where we all hear what the other workshops have been doing.” 


Concertina Care & Maintenance - Dave Elliott

David and Amanda

“Dave gave a very informative and valuable talk on the subject of recognising a concertina that was worth buying!”

“Everyone went away much better equipped to spot all those warning signs!”


Tutors’ comments

“It was a great weekend & thank you”.

“I had a great weekend and was so well supported by the Team workshop rep”.