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In spite of a depleted Ruishton Team (one at a funeral, one ill, one jet-lagged and one coughing) True to form, the club members rallied round to help out and the day went well. Back, at last, to pre-‘c’ numbers with 39 attending. So Kate E. and her various helpers were kept busy!

Thanks go to Chris R, Tess and Tony for stepping in to lead some lovely Welsh tunes for St David’s Day and to Doug, Sara and Paul for taking the beginners.

Three shared tunes from Chris H, Trish and Mike were learned during the morning for inclusion the Showcase.

A while ago John Lambert was asked by the Committee to write a piece of music to celebrate the Club’s Ruby (40 years) Anniversary. Sadly he wasn’t able to be there for the first airing of “Ruby Anthem” but, Doug, Di, Trish and Tony presented the piece at the 2pm session. We then split into system groups to learn the respective parts, (thanks to Paul for jumping in at a moments notice to lead the duets).  It all came together beautifully and was recorded and sent to John. It’s a lovely tune and will be played at all our events throughout the year.

 To round off the day, along with the 3 shared tune groups were some lovely Showcase pieces, including a truly inspiring Chopin rendition by Mike Selley.

 We ended with another play through of the “Ruby Anthem” followed by “Meadow in May”

 Our thanks go to everyone for setting up, shifting furniture, carrying equipment up & down stairs washing up and clearing away at the end.

 We look forward to our next Ruishton play day on the 7th of May and Zoom session on 2nd April.