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2024 October Weekend

Wellington School, Somerset

18th-20th October


More experienced players are welcome but tuition at the Autumn Weekend is focused on:-

- ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS: have never played and don’t know the layout of the instrument

- POST-BEGINNERS: have only been playing a very short time and have some idea of the layout of the instrument

- IMPROVERS: have been playing for some months, can understand the layout of the fingerboard including F#, C# and Bb and can read music a little

- INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS: can play and read music with some fluency at a modest tempo.


A limited number of club instruments are available for all systems. 

Anglo tuition is on C/G instruments. 

You can also learn how to take care of your concertina and do simple maintenance.

If you are in the market to buy, there will be a trade stand of instruments for sale provided by Barleycorn Concertinas. 


On Friday and Saturday evening there is a chance to play along “bar-session style” with the rest of the club, starting at a gentle tempo.

For intermediate players there is the Band, suitable for all systems, playing mainly folk and dance tunes.  Band musicians will ideally be able to read music and play at tempo.

To add variety to the the timetable there are optional sessions such as Music Theory, Chords, Slow Tunes, and Rounds.


A limited number of youth bursaries will be available for Residential Weekends.