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There was a full house for the

WCCP 2024 Spring Residential Weekend

held at Halsway Manor, 22-24 March


The Spring weekend is for intermediate and advanced players of all concertina systems.

The workshop tutors were:

  • Simon Thoumire, English
  • Iris Bishop, Duet
  • Brogan McAuliffe, Anglo
  • Claire Wren, Concertina band
  • Steve Dickinson, Concertina care and maintenance

The course members worked diligently in their workshops throughout the weekend, and the groups provided impressive demonstrations of their progress in the Showcase event on the Sunday afternoon.  The concertina band were joined by a scratch choir for a performance of "Pastime with Good Company".

Steve Dickinson (Wheatstone & Co) set up a workshop in the lIbrary for consultation and emergency repairs throughout the weekend, and the Barleycorn Concertinas pop-up shop attracted the usual keen interest.

The Saturday evening concert featured virtuoso performances by Brogan, Iris and SImon. 

Group 2024



Tutors' Concert

Simon Thoumire Iris Bishop  Brogan McAuliffe

 Sunday Showcase



Band Choir


Session Steve Dickinson  Barleycorn