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The residential weekend at Kilve Court was held Friday 16th – Sunday 18th March.

A lovely playing weekend with tutors Rob Habron English Concertinas, Gavin Atkin Duets, Harry Scurfield Anglos, Claire Wren Concertina Band and Dave Elliott Concertina Maintenance.

For the first time remembered, the weekend was interrupted by SNOW!  Quite a lot of it.  Unfortunately, there was only about a third of the attendees and a quarter of the tutors who made it through to the Showcase on the Sunday afternoon.  Those that remained performed and clearly demonstrated that the weekend had again been a wonderful playing success. 

The Kilve staff kindly made sure that those that had not braved the snow (yet) did not starve, first with the cream team and later an evening meal, afterwhich there was a session at the Hood (which opened up specially) and which was a real eveing of fun and joy.

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