WCCP is blessed with a dedicated and hard-working Merchandise team. The team sell basic music accessories, such as pencils, notebooks and clips for music stands and WCCP labels. The team can be found at Ruishton workshops or residential events, to tempt you to buy even more music accessories.

Online Store

Mudchutney has been selected to be the Official Retailer for our club . You can click on their website and order a range of clothing with the WCCP Logo e.g. T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt in a range of colours and sizes. You can also buy a Coaster, Mug or Tote Bag – which are great WCCP goodies for any club member!

If you want to check out any items before ordering direct from the Mudchutney site the Merchandise team have sample sweatshirts and T-shirts available for inspection