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During the 2020 Covid 19 epidemic members were unable to meet to play together so on-line options were explored.  It was possible to play simultaneously in small numbers with JamKazam but latency was a problem, that is a transmission delay making players slightly out of time with each other.  Greater success was achieved with ZOOM where one player leads a tune with all other players muted and joining in.  It is second best to live playing but works and allows members who are geographically distant to participate.  It is usually best to adjust your Zoom audio settings to "original sound on" and to uncheck "automatically adjust microphone volume" to pick up the sound of the concertina.  The WCCP has its own Zoom account.
Monthly Players Session.  
Early in 2021 we started a monthly playing session with around 60 participants at 2pm on Sundays.  This dropped over the summer to 20 players and recently around 25 have been joining in with several players leading tunes during the session.  To date the tunes have mostly been in the Folk genre but any genre is welcomed and the choice is down to the volunteers who lead the tunes. 
Anglo Zoom 
Mike Selley runs an ad-hoc Zoom meeting for Anglo concertina players covering techniques specific to that instrument.
Duet Zoom
Paul McCann runs an ad-hoc Duet "Chat and Play" zoom meeting.  Although aimed mainly at players of the duet concertina systems, the sessions also offer an advice forum for those considering taking up a duet system.
English Zoom
A few Zoom meetings for the English system have been held.  If any member has suggestions for topics and techniques to be covered please let me know.
For any suggestions regarding the use of  Zoom by WCCP please contact Chris Reid on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Members are advised of upcoming sessions by email  and dates are also on the Programme page.