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This Kilve meeting (March 14th to 16th 2008) had a special theme, the 25th Anniversary of  WCCP. What a great weekend!!  The anniversary theme started with each participant receiving a commemorative box sticker announcing ’25 Years of Music’ and that tradition was continued with a weekend of playing and listening. As well as the music, the birthday atmosphere was helped along by a special celebratory dinner on the Saturday night, attended by many of the founder members of WCCP, as well as birthday cake in the shape of a concertina and a display of photographs from WCCP’s history.  

Throughout the weekend we had brilliant tuition form Claire Wren (band), Mick Bramich (Anglo), Sandra Kerr (English), Iris Bishop (Duet), Brian Hayden (Duet) and Rollo Woods (tunes for Ceilidh). Colin and Rosalie Dipper gave generously, as always, of their time and expertise on a range of topics relating to instruments and their problems from ‘First Aid’ to ‘Concertina tampering for the timid’.  

After a full day of workshops, the tutor’s concert on the Saturday night was a display of virtuoso playing to inspire all of us, whatever our personal preference in musical genre. We heard Mick’s Irish styles of Anglo playing, Iris and Sandra combining in impromptu duets of delicate and emotive airs, and the debut performance by Claire Wren’s band, ‘Junction 25’ whose rousing final piece, a rendition of the brass-band classic ‘Old Kentucky Home’ gave us band music at its most impressive.  

Although Sunday saw fewer people in the dining room for breakfast after the usual hard-to-leave late night/early morning session in the bar, most of us staggered off to various workshops to learn more during the morning. The finale to all this was the usual showcase of workshops that demonstrated, yet again, how diverse our musical learning’s had been. Mention must be made here of Sandra Kerr’s intriguing ‘Knit your own Tunes’ group, who produced a catchy celebratory tune called ‘In Kilve Jubilo’, a tune which had started life as the national anthem!  

Claire’s Intermediate band gave us a terrific rendition of ‘Pastime with Good Company’, with added percussion and a scratch choir. Then it was time for a quick cream tea, for those with sufficient appetite after a weekend of generous portions and excellent food, followed by goodbyes to old friends and new.  

Thanks to all concerned in the organisation and running of an excellent weekend, the tutors, the staff at Kilve, all participants and helpers, but especially to John and Mal Derricott for all the hard work and brilliant organisation which ensured that this Anniversary Kilve weekend was a weekend to remember! 

John Adey (English Player)