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A.M. Share a Tune Session. All participants are welcome to bring a tune to share with the rest of the group. You can play it yourself as a solo or with a friend as a duet or invite the group to join in - as you wish. The hope is that we will have a variety of tunes from Folk through to Classical and from different parts of the world. If you would like to copy music to share before the session, please give it to Fiona so that it can be copied.

P.M. Tune Session with Fiona and the Ruishton Band with guests from Ruth Harry's Jammers (our rhythm section)! Members from Ruishton Band will play some of their repertoire and then give everyone the opportunity to join in. We will play some Riffs by ear and some tunes either by ear or with the music. There will be ample opportunity for new players to find their way around their instruments and if you only know 4 or 5 notes, that's fine - just play the right ones slowly in time to the tune and we'll have a nice arrangement going. Music will include Wren arrangements, singing and playing at the same time (!) familiar folk tunes and a classical piece or two.

SqueezeSouth Band Workshop
Saturday 10th. April 2010 at
Woodlands Village Hall in Dorset

The workshop was led by Claire Wren and it went off very smoothly. The day was beautiful - not a day to be inside, but the music made up for it. There were 16 of us in the group which was just about the right number and they had travelLed up to 70 miles for the event.

We concentrated on playing 5 pieces of music:

  • Hymnody
  • The Silver Street Stomp
  • The Yellow Audi in Somerset
  • Never on a Sunday
  • The Ringwood Tree


The last piece was written specially by Claire for the occasion.

Syd ably made up the baritone section – but next time, we need more baritones! Thanks for everyone who attended and made the event the success it was.
by Richard Lane